Getting Started

Develop in the cloud at the click of a button! IBM Bluemix is offering an extended 45-day trial of IBM Bluemix™ for all NASA International Space Apps Challenge participants.

To avail this unique IBM Bluemix offer follow these 3 easy steps:

1. Register for a Bluemix account here

2. Generate your unique offer code here by using "Event Name" as "NASA ISAC".

3. Follow the instructions you will receive via email to apply the promo code to your Bluemix account.


How can Bluemix help you hack and hack fast? Get going with quick start guides, short videos, and popular SDKs.


There are SDKs available for Java, Javascript, and Python. Check out the Watson GitHub for other starter apps and tools. You just need an instance of a Watson service running to get credentials for your app! Try starting with a Q&A dialog.


Cloudant Database NodeJS Source Code
Cloudant Database Sample App Output


Watch the getting started video to see how easy it is to initiate your instance of a Watson IoT service. Use crowdsourced recipes to start connecting your app to IoT sensors and devices.
Learn more about Node-RED, a visual interface wiring together devices, APIs and services for the IoT - use a Node-RED boilerplate to see your connections quickly.

Demos and Tutorials


Command Line Deploy

Have a look at the marketplace, creating services, pushing an application and binding an service to an app within Bluemix via the CLI.

Build a Translation REST API

Use Bluemix to create a translation service with Node-RED and the Watson services.

Fork a Project with DevOps Services

Part of an 8 video series on deploying code, Git methods, and development in Bluemix and DevOps Services.


In these GitHub repos and code examples you'll find start guides for working with the Insights for Weather service, the Watson Visual Recognition service to train Watson to detect objects in images (hint: contrails), the Watson Dialog service for creating natural language driven interactions with users, and a few data driven samples for flight stats and analyzing weather data with Apache Spark.

Space Station

Ready to work with wearables and IoT devices? Track health data, view trends in emotion and sentiment, and get started with using wearables to improve and enrich life whether its on Earth or in space.

Solar System

If you're aiming for asteroid mining then try your hand at training the Watson Visual Recognition service to recognize patterns in images. If an interactive app is your choice then the Unity SDK is newly released or perhaps you'd like to start off with a photo sharing app to send messages about the moon.


This area is a little light on directly applicable services, but if you're interested in jetting to the red planet then consider using the Insights for Weather service to keep track of conditions for flight.


Want to build a crowdsourcing app for air quality? Try tracking location and keeping offline data with Cloudant and AngularJS. Optimize pastoralism with weather data and analytics with Apache Spark. Or tackle sea ice issues with Watson Dialog, even more weather data, and data storage.

Journey to Mars

This is another challenge that you can utilize the Unity SDK for and work on building games and immersive apps in other frameworks like Swift. Leverage Watson Dialog to create a natural language driven interaction with users.

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